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New Hampshire, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 43.1938516, Longitude: -71.57239529999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENJAMIN, Ida M  10 Dec 1881New Hampshire, USA I6616
2 BERWICK, Alice  Abt 1911New Hampshire, USA I10425
3 BERWICK, Andrew G  Abt 1938New Hampshire, USA I10437
4 BERWICK, Francis  Abt 1916New Hampshire, USA I10424
5 BERWICK, Leona M  Abt 1935New Hampshire, USA I10436
6 BERWICK, Ronald M  Abt 1934New Hampshire, USA I10435
7 BLAISDELL, Josie H  20 Jul 1863New Hampshire, USA I5034
8 BLANCHARD, Amy Bernice  New Hampshire, USA P14638
9 BLODGETT, Cora B  Abt 1894New Hampshire, USA I10264
10 BLODGETT, Edgar W  Abt 1897New Hampshire, USA I10265
11 BLODGETT, Fred H  Abt 1891New Hampshire, USA I10263
12 BLODGETT, Irvin D  Abt 1889New Hampshire, USA I10262
13 BLODGETT, James B  Abt 1901New Hampshire, USA I10266
14 BROWN, Charles  New Hampshire, USA I11043
15 BUFFUM, Benjamin  Abt 1822New Hampshire, USA I5937
16 CHAPMAN, Samuel W  22 Jan 1796New Hampshire, USA I7265
17 CHASE, Gladys  New Hampshire, USA P14540
18 CHASE, Samuel Dexter  New Hampshire, USA P14535
19 COBB, Mary C  New Hampshire, USA I337
20 CROSWELL, Lydia Ann  Abt 1826New Hampshire, USA I8227
21 DAVIS, Richard Harold  1933New Hampshire, USA I13562
22 DEAN, Amasa  1785New Hampshire, USA I1626
23 DUBE, Alfred  1906New Hampshire, USA I10529
24 DUBE, Charles  1914New Hampshire, USA I10530
25 DUTTON, Beatrice  Apr 1898New Hampshire, USA I10504
26 DUTTON, Beatrice  1939New Hampshire, USA I11058
27 DUTTON, Calvin  22 Dec 1802New Hampshire, USA I5869
28 DUTTON, Charles E  8 Oct 1840New Hampshire, USA I4557
29 DUTTON, Clyde V  1891New Hampshire, USA I10494
30 DUTTON, Dolores  1932New Hampshire, USA I13551
31 DUTTON, Dorothy A  1935New Hampshire, USA I13559
32 DUTTON, Electa  9 Nov 1814New Hampshire, USA I4359
33 DUTTON, Emma  24 Apr 1836New Hampshire, USA I4554
34 DUTTON, Eunice  1935New Hampshire, USA I13553
35 DUTTON, Evelyn Mae  1933New Hampshire, USA I13558
36 DUTTON, Everell Fletcher  4 Jan 1838New Hampshire, USA I4556
37 DUTTON, Flora L  1870New Hampshire, USA I13541
38 DUTTON, Hattie J  1847New Hampshire, USA I6967
39 DUTTON, James  23 Oct 1777New Hampshire, USA I4653
40 DUTTON, Jane  16 Apr 1816New Hampshire, USA I4363
41 DUTTON, John Bigelow  19 May 1806New Hampshire, USA P14709
42 DUTTON, Jonas  22 Jan 1776New Hampshire, USA I4652
43 DUTTON, Joseph  1795New Hampshire, USA I9102
44 DUTTON, Josiah  11 Nov 1770New Hampshire, USA I5492
45 DUTTON, Laura C  29 May 1804New Hampshire, USA I4356
46 DUTTON, Lawrence  1934New Hampshire, USA I13552
47 DUTTON, Leo  1937New Hampshire, USA I13554
48 DUTTON, Leon M  1903New Hampshire, USA I13544
49 DUTTON, Marinda  8 Nov 1808New Hampshire, USA I4358
50 DUTTON, Martha  11 Dec 1802New Hampshire, USA I4355

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DUTTON, Benjamin  25 Oct 1875New Hampshire, USA I7149
2 DUTTON, Jeremiah  24 Sep 1843New Hampshire, USA I3325
3 DUTTON, Laura C  16 May 1878New Hampshire, USA I4356
4 DUTTON, Sarah Crosby  13 Aug 1832New Hampshire, USA I7572
5 DUTTON, William  15 Apr 1846New Hampshire, USA I13197
6 DUTTON, William  30 Oct 1884New Hampshire, USA I8164
7 FOWLER, Deborah Jane  30 Jan 1869New Hampshire, USA I5561
8 HEATH, Hollis Burton  12 Aug 1994New Hampshire, USA I10401
9 HOBBS, Barbara Atwood  18 Aug 1991New Hampshire, USA I13870
10 SNELL, Ina Marie  29 Oct 2010New Hampshire, USA I1516
11 STUART, Charles Edward  25 Oct 1979New Hampshire, USA I5085


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DUTTON, Leon  Oct 1887New Hampshire, USA I12931

Cause of Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cause of Death    Person ID 
1 DUTTON, Benjamin  25 Oct 1875New Hampshire, USA I7149


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 DUTTON, Leon M  27 Nov 1927New Hampshire, USA I13544
2 DUTTON, Walter Benjamin  20 Jun 1932New Hampshire, USA I13536
3 FELLOWS, Marguerite  20 Jun 1932New Hampshire, USA I13537
4 PROVOST, Lena A  27 Nov 1927New Hampshire, USA I13549
5 WATERMAN, Halbert Lee  18 Oct 1892New Hampshire, USA I13796


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beasom / Russell  07 Apr 1850New Hampshire, USA F2696
2 Dutton / Blood  1835New Hampshire, USA F1526
3 Dutton / Crosby  17 Jan 1828New Hampshire, USA F1943
4 Fowler / Blake  16 Jun 1803New Hampshire, USA F4092
5 Miller / Paquette  16 Aug 1947New Hampshire, USA F3177
6 Perkins / DUTTON  01 Nov 1821New Hampshire, USA F1110
7 Wallace / Nevins  16 Feb 1797New Hampshire, USA F3778


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Dutton / Sullivan  Apr 1913New Hampshire, USA F4089

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